I’m pretty sure this is exactly what happened in the Doctor’s mind.


"Fred Astaire was always a bit insecure, and he often worried that when people watched his films, they would look at Rita Hayworth’s stunning beauty, or Cyd Charisse’s long legs, or Eleanor Powell’s tap-dancing, or Ginger Rogers’ fashion sense. So, he made sure to incorporate a solo routine in every one of his films, so that at least once in the movie, all eyes would be on him." -Robert Osborne.

Fred Astaire’s solo dances, 1930’s.

tom hiddleston filmography


Everything about this picture is gold

alice in wonderland-inspired cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Donald O’Connor!
( August 28, 1925 - September 27, 2003)

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Jack has the best plans

And done forget the leg!!

Do you know when I first started loving you?

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In the 1968 film "Finian’s Rainbow" the character Og makes a reference to the Cole Porter  song "Night and Day" which was introduced by Mr. Astaire in 1932.

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Grace Kelly photographed by Edward Quinn, 1955.