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This line was not in the script … oh Colin is this in response to the statement of Bradley
"I always thought the show should end with a long conversation between Merlin and Arthur.
A face to face where they’d talk about everything on their hearts and all secrets would finally be revealed. The last episode is like that.
Colin and I were able to play all the nuances of the relationship between these two men that are the best friends in the world despite their differences.
These scenes have been very emotional for me and it was a way for me to say goodbye to Colin.
I love this guy, even though I made fun of him and even hit him on set all the time!
— Bradley James 

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Arthur Pendragon + Colors


#i wonder if sometime during his final days #he thought back to moments like this #when merlin was suffering with his secrets and arthur had no clue #when he thought merlin was just in a bad mood #all this time #merlin’s been giving up everything for him #everything for their destiny #a destiny arthur didn’t know about #and never would.


“I already have a manservant.”

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merthur + s2 promos

I just want Arthur to trust me, and to see me for who I really am. [-] Everything I do is for him and he just thinks I’m an idiot.

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