Disneyyandmore’s Screencap/Gif challenge (Inspired by THIS)

↳#10 songs: Don’t stop the music! Ten songs of ten.

"These songs inspire me to get up and dance, sing, or just plain brighten my day. So many more I wish I can add."

Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.

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i can’t tell if i regret this or not yet

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See, this, I think, is what I love about Kronk.  On the shallowest surface level, he fills the “low IQ sidekick” role.  But ONLY on the shallowest surface level.

I’d have to watch the movie again to go into any detail, but Kronk is actually the smartest damn person IN this movie.  There’s nothing he doesn’t know, he’s got all this specialized knowledge, dude is probably horrifically well read.  He’s NOT stupid, he’s just eager to please and doesn’t have a proper “No” threshhold.

In the second gif, he’s like - “No, wait, I’m not who you think I am.”

Then in the fourth, he’s like - “Oh my God, the cook is gone and she’s got all these orders.  If somebody doesn’t cook that up people are going to get upset!  They’ll take it out on this poor woman who’s been on her feet all day and doesn’t deserve their wrath!  And…oh my God…PEOPLE WILL BE HUNGRY!”

Then in the sixth gif he’s like - “NOT ON KRONK’S WATCH!”

He’s doing the right thing and he knows it.  No judgement, no condescension, just always a moment to register the task at hand, determine the most logical course of action to completing it, and then it’s GO GO GO.

His only problem is that he never stops to ask himself whether this is actually his problem to solve, or whether people are taking advantage of him, and I love him for it.

I just…love him.

^thank you

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seems legit


best post ever.

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I ask for nothing, I can get by

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Disney women as their men,

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Animated Meme: Sidekicks (2/?)
   ↳Mushu (Mulan)


The writing in this movie, omg.

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