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 Edward Ferras & Elinor Dashwood


…for a few moments, she was almost overcome—her heart sunk within her, and she could hardly stand; but exertion was indispensably necessary; and she struggled so resolutely against the oppression of her feelings, that her success was speedy, and for the time complete.

"Writing to each other," said Lucy, returning the letter into her pocket, "is the only comfort we have in such long separations. Yes, I have one other comfort in his picture, but poor Edward has not even THAT. If he had but my picture, he says he should be easy. I gave him a lock of my hair set in a ring when he was at Longstaple last, and that was some comfort to him, he said, but not equal to a picture. Perhaps you might notice the ring when you saw him?"

"I did," said Elinor, with a composure of voice, under which was concealed an emotion and distress beyond any thing she had ever felt before. She was mortified, shocked, confounded.

Sense and Sensibility (2008) - Dan Stevens as Edward Ferrars


1 character you most relate to - [1/1] Elinor Dashwood

You never deceived me. And when I heard… when I was told of your engagement, everything became clear. You have done nothing wrong. I wouldn’t… think so highly of you if you had acted differently.

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Sense & Sensibility (2008 Mini-Series)


hey you, I like your face: Dan Stevens as Edward Ferrars



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