I'm a young body with an old soul. I love medieval history, vintage clothing, and oldies music. I'm all about classic movies, British television, period dramas, and beautiful music. Expect posts about my passions, which include tap dancing, classic Hollywood, music, Disney, Harry Potter, Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who, musicals, Starkid, Marvel, Once Upon a Time, and the Beatles.

New ‘The Hobbit’ stills




The Hobbit Production Video #7

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I’m a Baggins, of Bag End.

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GandalfYou’ll have a tale to two to tell when you come back.
Bilbo BagginsCan you promise that I will come back?
GandalfNo. And if you do, you will not be the same.


Can I have Martin? Can I keep him?

And I see Hitchhiker!Bilbo and Jedi Master!Bilbo. And… are you really alright there?