Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in “The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle” (1939)


Boy, You’re Pretty: 

Anthony Perkins, Desire Under the Elms


Well, if a man with an ulcer and a splinter in his finger and a nail in his foot was then struck by lightning, if you could say that man was not hurt, then yes, you could say I’m not hurt.

The Nutty Professor (1963, dir. Jerry Lewis)

Lauren Bacall in Dark Passage, 1947

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Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire , You were never lovelier

Aja’, Toro!

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Anthony Perkins in Phaedra, 1962 


Top Hat (1935).

Grace Kelly photographed by Philippe Halsman for LIFE Magazine, 1955.


"If the novel has a theme it is that of survival. What makes some people able to come through catastrophes and others, apparently just as able, strong and brave, go under? It happens in every upheaval. Some people survive; others don’t. What qualities are in those who fight their way through triumphantly that are lacking in those who go under…? I only know that the survivors used to call that quality ‘gumption.’ So I wrote about the people who had gumption and the people who didn’t.”  — Margaret Mitchell, 1936

Lauren Bacall by John Engstead

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      Too Breathtaking …  Judy is admiring a gift from Vincente  Minnelli ..

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Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis c. 1955. Photo by Gerald K. Smith

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Top Hat (1935)

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