I'm a young body with an old soul. I love medieval history, vintage clothing, and oldies music. I'm all about classic movies, British television, period dramas, and beautiful music. Expect posts about my passions, which include tap dancing, classic Hollywood, music, Disney, Harry Potter, Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who, musicals, Starkid, Marvel, Once Upon a Time, and the Beatles.


♠ The Evil Queen’s Wardrobe + colors: red

Robin being the cutest dad ever

hook + sad face after emma walks away

‏@sean_m_maguire: Did anyone spot me @joshdallas & @colinodonoghue1 becoming the new Charlie’s angels ?

Well then youʻve got yourself a partner


Are you even real

i am the lost princess
once upon a time | tangled



“Every story needs a memorable detail.”



errbady watch once upon a time!!!
i did a thing yesterday and i’m sharing (clicky the pic to go full size and pls don’t judge me)